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Stable Halters

Average Horse Stable Halter -- $8.50
Fits most average-sized Traditional Breyer models. ... read more
Large/Draft Stable Halter -- $8.50
Fits Breyer draft types, Warmbloods, and other non-draft breeds with large heads. ... read more
Traditional Cob/Pony Stable Halter -- $8.50
Fits small Traditional horses and ponies, including (but not necessarily limited to) POA, Touch of Class, Saddlebred Weanling, Cips, Shetland Pony, Lady Roxana, Cantering Wels... read more
Overlay Stable Halter -- $12.50
Overlay halters come in your choice of any two colors.  The overlay is skived thin and carefully glued onto the nose and cheekpieces of the halter.  The lead has 2" ... read more
Tucked Chin Stable Halter for Hard-to-Fit Breyers -- $9.50
This halter is specially made to fit those difficult Breyers with the flexed necks and tucked chins.  Most halters either will not fit these models at all, or if they do they ... read more
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