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Stable Halters

Tucked Chin Stable Halter for Hard-to-Fit Breyers - $9.50

This halter is specially made to fit those difficult Breyers with the flexed necks and tucked chins.  Most halters either will not fit these models at all, or if they do they look bad.  This halter has an adjustable chin and fits models including (but not limited to) Andalusian, Goffert, Legionario III, Peruvian Paso, Big Ben, Silver, 5-Gaiter, Fighting Stallion, and Classic Shire.  I suspect this is also the best choice for Huck Bey, although I don't have him to try it on and find out.  I would appreciate hearing feedback from customers as to which molds they find this halter useful on. 

This halter also works well with models that don't necessarily need it, but still have flexed necks, including Marabella, National Show Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, etc. 

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Hardware Color
Throat Snap $0.50
Rolled Throat $1.00

A $2.00 lead rope is included FREE with each stable halter purchase.  Add your halter to the cart, then go to "Lead Ropes" to choose your style and color.

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